Tuesday, 8 January 2019


This past month has been a really good one with reflecting on the goodness of God over this past year. It has been wonderful ministering among the people during the Christmas season. I can say the Lord has been so faithful in my life and I was able to finish ministering in Ranchi well. I am sad to depart from the place I made myself home at. The Lord knows when I get comfortable he had to shake my world a little and now I’m entering into a new season by going back to my home in Bangalore. I will be entering this 2019 year with no idea or plan but trusting God fully for his guidance in my life.
This month was full of joy and with lots of things to do. My greatest joy was finally being able to finish and print our very first Sunday school curriculum. It was my aim for 2018 to get it done and with my team’s help I got it done. On year’s day we were able to dedicate that book for the ministry of the children that they would be blessed as they use it for this coming New Year. This has brought me inexpressible joy as we have been working on it for a whole year and with God’s help was able to finish it.
We had our final women’s meeting for the year and I was given the opportunity to preach for the last time and it was as amazing as I got to do it fully in Hindi. It was an amazing time of prayer and fellowship. The church team and I got to go to a place called Kudu outside Ranchi where we ministered to the school kids there teaching them games and more. It was fun celebrating Christmas day with them. We also got to go house to house and do carols in many of the houses of our believers and it was good.
This is my last blog and I will be taking a break from the sons and daughters as I have now come to Bangalore to get a teaching job to pursue my further education. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. I really appreciate it.

Some of my prayer points are:

·       For God to help me get the right teaching job and also that he would guide me in my next stage of life.

·       For wisdom from God to walk in humility and to be able to hear His voice more clearly.

·       For God’s hand to help me be a blessing wherever I go.

Thursday, 6 December 2018


This past month has been good trusting the Lord as he continues to speak to me in certain areas of my life. People believe and have told me that being single and doing ministry is easy with no problems and they also expect too much from us. I have been battling so much in my mind and heart knowing that I want to sometimes give up. In all these hard times God has been so faithful and holding me close to his heart. He sees my fears and tears and I cry to Him each time I don't have it altogether and He speaks so tenderly to me. Every day His grace holds me together and He placed the right people to encourage me and understand.
Children's day celebration
 I am really grateful to pastor and his family who have been an extreme help and support  to me personally during this hard season of my life and they have also taught me to trust his plans though I don't understand it now fully.Whenever I felt that i needed a warm embrace I felt God's arms so strong around me and I know I need Him now more than ever. He has taught me to only to look to him alone and no one else for His comfort. I am blessed to have the greatest daddy looking after me.
Our amazing Sunday school teachers.

This past month I got to do a lot of fun things with the children especially. On November 10th we had our early children's' day fun where we had lots of dance, laughter and so much more. The Sunday school teachers and I invited the parents to come see their children perform for the Lord. They had a wonderful time and so did we. It was our joy to see them happy and we got to reward the winners for the annual exam we conducted this year. We had around 40-50 kids attend it . I am so blessed to have an amazing team of teachers help me out.
Children's day celebration at the slums.

Pastor and his family and I got the opportunity to for the first time take our kids from the slum to their first trip with us to the Zoo here in Ranchi. They were so happy to go out on a trip with us for the first time. For many it was their first time. They felt so loved and enjoyed it a lot. I was so happy to see their faces as it’s a joy to be a blessing to them. I have grown such a deep bond with them and knowing that I will be leaving them soon has been a sad one but I am enjoying each moment with them. We are now practicing for the Christmas program that we will be having on the 25th of December. My kids will come to our church and perform a dance there on that day and I am so excited. It has been a good month with its ups and downs and I am treasuring each day working with these amazing people here in Ranchi. They have captured my heart. 
my kids at the zoo..

Some of my prayer points would be:

* For my emotional health, I know I am trying my best to be happy and enjoy these few days, it gets hard sometimes. Just need lots of prayers.

* For my exams that I am writing this whole month, need God's help in concentration for it and wisdom too.

* For God to prepare my heart slowly for the new transition that is going to happen mentally and emotionally too since I am an emotional person. To believe that whatever he has in store for me next would be the best years of my life. 

* For our Christmas and New Year programs we are preparing for, that it would go well.

Monday, 5 November 2018


Family trip to Taj Mahal

This past month has been a rough season for me with family, at work and felt emotionally very low. It’s been challenges after challenges that God has been putting in front of me. Through it all God has been teaching me to stand strong and lean on the Rock that’s him. We all have this mask we carry around and sometimes people think that if we are doing ministry your life has to be perfect with no problems and hardships and you have to just smile and act as if everything is okay. We all are humans and we all fail in some areas of our lives. There are times hearing the voice of God becomes difficult and you just have this storm raging inside you but through it all God just particularly told me one thing that He’s in control of my life and not me.
51st Convention of our church
I realize that I will be here in Ranchi for another one and a half months before I leave to Bangalore. I am sad about leaving the place that has helped me grow independent and strong with so many responsibilities and standing on my own feet. Living as an independent single woman has taught me so much to be brave and strong in what you believe in and trusting God to take care of you through it all. Whatever seasons the Lord is taking me into next I hope and pray that he would make me stronger inside out. My prayer is to grow with him leading me into a bigger vision of his future for me.
Teachers of Amazing Life word Institute.
Six students who graduated this year.
This past month it was good to have a one week break with the family travelling to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It was fun. We also had our 51st church convention for four days this past month and that was fun. We got to also graduate our first six students of our Bible College that we started last October. We were so happy to see them graduate and we pray that they would be God’s light in the dark places. It has been my joy teaching them and seeing them grow in God’s word and living out all they learned. It was a fun time of convention. People came all over Jharkhand to hear the word of God and worship together as a family in Christ and it was amazing to see. All of us were blessed.
Got the opportunity to host the graduation ceremony
Some of my prayer points would be:

·       To serve God faithfully even for the few months I’m here and for God to prepare my heart for the next season of my life.

·       For the Kids at the slums to keep growing in God and do the right things and make wise decisions in their life and for God to bring the right people to continue pouring into their lives when I leave.

·       For God’s grace and peace in my mind and heart as that’s what I need desperately in my life.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018


This past month has been one with lots of ups and downs but God continues to be so faithful in my life. This past month I have not been able to work efficiently as I have been sick on and off. My health was going down. I was not been able to eat properly, sleep or do anything much due to problems in the stomach. Finally after going to three doctors and doing couple of tests I found out the problem and now I am on medication and getting better. God has been a constant faithful friend in my life. I remember praying to him and crying to him in all the times when I just needed a friend he was there. 
My sister Santhiya's wedding.
One thing God taught me was to know in every season of our lives even at the time when I couldn’t do much for him He loved me so much.
I was just listening to a new worship song named ‘ Nobody loves me like you love me Jesus’ and I remember just crying in his presence and feeling his arms around me. For the first time I felt I am not perfect and I don’t have to try so hard but He is a good father and he never gives up on me. I can say truly that physically and emotionally I have not been doing so good this past month so would kindly request lots of prayers for me. I want the Lord to heal me completely in all the areas I have been praying over in my life and I choose to hold his hand to lead me and guide me where I need to go. I thank the Lord for not giving up on me though I don’t deserve his grace He still gives it to me freely.
Celebration for teacher's day- Sunday school teachers.

kids test time last Sunday.
 Though I was sick off and on I went to attend my sister’s wedding in Bangalore and I was happy to enjoy that special day with her. It was so good to see her so full of joy and I enjoyed being with family though it was just for a few days. I enjoy going to the slums each week and the kids have been studying hard for their exams. We got the opportunity to help them in their English subject as they needed help in that the most. After the exams got over we got the opportunity to just teach them memory verses, play with them and more.  They continue to bring me so much joy and I love them a lot. No matter what mood I am in or how I feel when I meet them a smile always happens to be on my face. I know the Lord loves them more than I do and I hope to keep encouraging them to do the right things and to walk in the ways of the Lord.
Teaching the kids memory verse.

The younger kids drawing pictures.
We also as the Sunday school teachers were able to prepare a test for the kids of both the Hindi and the English service to test how much they have learned so far this year. Every year we conduct this test to see how the kids are able to grasp the word of God. They study hard and are competitive too. The ones with the best scores do get a prize so this brings excitement among them to pay attention well in Sunday school and learn the word of God seriously. I think this has been fruitful.

Some of my prayer points would be:

·       For God to keep me in good health so that I would be able to work more efficiently for his Glory.

·       For the kids at the slums that God would help them to live each day for him even with all the challenges they face each day.

·       For God to also speak to particular areas of my life clearly especially concerning the future.

Thursday, 6 September 2018


Fun time at retreat.
This past month was an amazing month of encouragement and refreshment from the Lord. God has been so good to me even when I did not know what to do He was guiding me. We had a great time at the sons and daughters retreat. God spoke to me in many ways and I learned a lot during my one week there. Every session they taught us was so timely and relevant. The time of prayer and prophesying over us has been a great blessing and we received the motivation to serve the Lord better. The main thing God has been teaching me these past few months is to trust him completely and to know that he knows best.
I'm preaching on true worship- seminar

Awesome time of worship- women's seminar
We had a two day women’s seminar and it was really amazing to see the way God moved in this meeting. Our main theme was on worship and we had lots of fun teaching them. The women were blessed and encouraged to know how their life is worship to the Lord. We had quiz, worship stations and more and it was so great to see the Lord speak to each one of them and I was personally blessed seeing the Lord move in an amazing way. We could feel the presence of God so strong. I had the opportunity to teach in one of the sessions on True Worship and I taught first time in Hindi to the women and I am able to fully trust God for his help. We had around 80-90 women attend this two day seminar and it was a great time.
Forgiveness station- worship seminar
We also had our music concert with around 800-900 people and it was a blessed evening of worship, word and testimony. The youths were encouraged and we could feel the presence of God as we worshiped all night.  It was an open invitation to youths all over whether they did not know God or not. We had many unbelievers come in too and got to see God speaking to them as well. They were all blessed and we got to hear some testimonies. In Ranchi we know that music is one of the big ways to reach the youths of Ranchi and this ministry through music has touched many.
worship concert - Sheldon Bangera- blessed
The slum ministry has been going on well too and the affection the kids have on us is inexpressible. They bring so much joy to my heart and it is my joy and favourite ministry serving the kids with all I have. They are eager to always know more and learn more. They love dancing and singing a lot and in Bangalore the Lord gave me a new vision to spread social empowerment among the children. To give them hope and teach them how to lead the others to do what is right and be a great example in their society that teaches them wrong. I have been praying about it so please do pray for that on how I can help the children to be stronger spiritually and emotionally. It has been an amazing month and I thank God for his faithfulness and favor over my life. I’m truly grateful.
My birthday celebration with the kids in slums this month.

Some of my prayer points would be:

·       That God would help me to help my kids at the slums move forward through social empowerment programs.

·       For God’s wisdom in every aspect of my life and ministry and for his grace for each day.

·       For God to help me be a good steward of his word as I teach the students in the college.

Saturday, 4 August 2018


Great time at Nepal with family!!
It has been a great month with hearing the voice of God so well in my life and ministry. I have been praying to God about so many things in my life and during my one week break that I got this month I was able to hear him clearly. The Lord has been teaching me to trust him completely for my future especially and to believe him that He knows what he is doing. It was encouraging to hear him speak to me particularly because I needed that. We had an amazing prayer walk during our bible study sessions and it was a blessing praying for our city Ranchi as we walked proclaiming the word of God upon this land. One of my favourite things to do have always been the prayer walks.
Having fun with the kids at the slum.

I got to visit the slum kids after a long time again as it has been challenging to go due to the rainy season and few festivals here where they block the roads. I was so happy to spend time with them and could see the joy in their faces. I’m in love with them and they are such a joy to my heart. I can see the bond we have developed over the years and now they look up to us for help and guidance. I can see them going in the right track so far and my prayer for them is that God would protect their little hearts from the evil one.
Playing drums at women's meeting.

House fellowship at one of our pastor's house.

The women’s ministry has been going well. We had our monthly fellowship meeting and it was amazing. I had the opportunity to play the drums after a long time. We also had our house visiting this month to one of our pastor’s houses. It was truly encouraging to hear their testimony and it was a blessing to encourage them with the word of God. It is encouraging to see the love most of these women have for the word of God and they are eager to stand strong for their faith regardless of the challenges they face each day. We are now preparing for our next two day seminar for the women and our topic would be on worship. We are excited for how the Lord is going to lead us this time.
Intercession for the districts of Ranchi.

We had a day of fasting as a church and it was so amazing. We did it a little differently with more creative ideas of intercession and I had the opportunity to lead the people in prayer. We specifically prayed for all the districts in Jharkhand and had all the names stuck around the church and people went around laying their hands on them and praying for each of the districts. We had the population and the Christian percentage of each district written on them. Many of the districts had zero point something percentage. Looking at the statistics it encouraged us to pray more for these places and we believe that God is going to raise leaders to reach out to these areas that need him. We got the opportunity to pray over all the present problems going on in Jharkhand. It was a great day of worship and prayer.

It was a great month and I am thankful to the Lord for his goodness and I can see the church growing in the right direction. It is a blessing to work among these people and I know that I am in the right place.

Some of my prayer points would be:

·       For our Women’s seminar that is happening this coming month end that the Lord would lead us in the right direction to reach out to the women of our church.

·       For God to continue helping my kids at the slums to stay strong in doing right even when things get hard.

·       For me to keep trusting the Lord for the impossible and that he would continue to work in and through me. I need his grace more and more especially on my tough days.

Saturday, 7 July 2018


Teaching from the book of John

This past month has been a good one with God’s grace upon my life and I needed a lot of it. God continues to be so faithful in my life and he has always been a great father looking after me and teaching me to stand strong in many areas of my life. He has been teaching me to stand strong in all situations no matter how hard they get.  I have been teaching a lot this month to the students in our Bible College from the book of John and it has been a great experience for me because as I teach them I am also learning so much. God has been helping me understand his word deeper and I love teaching since I know that it’s one of the gifts God has given me. I thank Him for his wonderful grace upon me though I don’t deserve it. The students have been responding well too and they also ask lots of questions which helps us to be prepared at all times.
During classes - older batch
The women’s ministry is going on well and God has been helping me be bolder as I lead worship in Hindi and I enjoy it now. We were able to do our monthly meeting with the women and had our house visiting and it was a good time of fellowship and encouragement to all. This family that we visited this month was a catholic family and it was a good experience sharing the word of God to them. They happily accepted us and it good to reach out to families not part of our church too. The main reason we have these house fellowships is to encourage the women in all aspects of life. One of our believers shared her testimony and the struggles she went through for accepting Christ and it was a great encouragement to all of us.
Womens' fellowship -Sharing God's word

Even with all the struggles people are so strong in their faith and that is amazing to see. Working with women has been a joy too and now we are getting ready for our seminar in August which my team and I will be leading for two days. I have been enjoying ministering to the kids at Sunday school and it has been so great developing a deeper relationship with them. I feel like at times I am not just a teacher but their friend as well. They are able to build that level of trust in me and I am so blessed to have this small group of kids that God has entrusted to me to help them grow in their faith. I have been unable to go to the slums this past month as the rainy season has started and my schedule has become tighter so the challenges have been more. I am hoping to start going back there when things settle down. God has been so faithful in my life and each day His grace is all I need.
House fellowship at one of the catholic houses.

Some of my prayer points would be:

·       Pray for me as I take one week of holiday from work that the Lord will refresh me spiritually and emotionally as I need it big time.

·       For Gods wisdom as I teach students the word of God and that they would be able to grow deeper in his word.

·       To be faithful to God no matter what the situation is and to trust him for the impossible in my life.